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  • Essential Equipments for Your Bar

    Are you opening or renovating a bar or cafe? This short guide can be useful for you, to make sure you have accounted for all the essential aspects for your business. In a bar, in fact, there are not only coffee machines and mixtures! There are also a lot of accessories and tools, entertainment and […]

  • How to open a Bar: 5 Aspects to take into account

    Do you want to open a bar? In this short guide you will find useful information to start your business on the right foot! Our key words are high quality equipment, entrepreunership, creativity and awareness. How to open a bar: the financial aspect Have you ever wondered what is one of the most under-appreciated aspects […]

  • The importance of a Good Coffee

    Choosing a good coffee for your bar or your business is indispensable. The quality of the coffee you serve must be high: if the clients don’t like your coffee, they will not come back in your bar. But an high-quality coffee costs more: how can you optimize the running costs? First, you have to consider […]

  • How To Attract New Clients in Your Bar

    Having a bar is a continual challenge: don’t run the risk of falling into a rut, a lot of new clients will thank you! In this article you can find some ideas to attract new clients’ attention, with a lot of little details you have to take into account. How to attract new clients: the […]

  • Caffè Borbone Wholesale: Authorized Dealers

    We are authorized dealers of Caffè Borbone wholesale. Thanks to an agreement just signed with the Neapolitan company in the sector coffee grains, ground coffee, pods, capsules and accessories, we can supply your business in a short time and at highly competitive prices (the same price list of the producer). Having the goods ready in stock, […]

  • Coffee brands: How to Choose them for Retail

    If you work in the coffee business, especially if you are just starting, you should know that there are some essential aspects that can represent the success or the failure of a coffee store. In this article we explain how to choose the coffee to sale in your store. You’ve just opened a coffee store, […]

  • Frog Espresso Machine: Why Is So Appreciated

    The Didiesse coffee machine is able to make a real goodness in a simple cup, and it continues to receive more and more appreciation from the consumers. There are several reasons that drive people to buy them: a good price, an optimal brewing, low maintenance and finally a lot of publicity. One more reason to have […]