Coffee brands: How to Choose them for Retail

Effective techniques for the selection of the coffee to sell in a shop

If you work in the coffee business, especially if you are just starting, you should know that there are some essential aspects that can represent the success or the failure of a coffee store. In this article we explain how to choose the coffee to sale in your store.

You’ve just opened a coffee store, coffee machines and consumables? Pay close attention to what brands you buy or to the ones that are recommended.

 Some brands of coffee and Italian coffee machines

Often, in fact, the products you buy may not correspond to products which instead would like to buy your retail customers.

The risk you run is to end up with an invested capital, the shelves full of merchandise and dissatisfied customers whose will go elsewhere to buy.

It doesn’t matter if your supplier has bewitched you by decanting the fabulous features of a brand rather than those of another brand.
Maybe you’ve been told that the best coffee pods is marked x, the best coffee capsules that of the company y, the best decaf is z; is that really true?
It’s very likely that his suggestions were a response to the percentage of income that he gains, rather than by what you sell more.
Of course, there may also be good faith on the part of the wholesaler; the fact remains that you can not just delegate to others or leave to chance the choice of products to sell.
You must take into account that with rare exceptions, the best-selling coffee brands in a particular city are not the same sold elsewhere.

Of course, it must be said that following the logic of quality it’s not a bad strategy; but if you want to go a step further and be able to meet the demands of the consumer from the first moment, in this way you will succed?

Are you sure you managed to buy wholesale the best coffee at the best price?

As we have mentioned before, every geographical area is characterized by people with different tastes and habits. So on what criteria do you have to choose?

The only effective weapon in this case is to know in advance the preferences of the consumers that live in the area where your store is.

Are you wondering how to draw on this information? There is only one way to do: address to people who have already had occasion to consider the problem and found an effective method to solve it; someone like us!

With the experience gained in the field in more than 14 years, we are in fact able to know with absolute certainty, in 90% of cases, which coffee is the best seller (as well as home espresso machines and consumables), zone by zone, in all our territory.

This is because we have a substantial database with tens of thousands of members, which have always bought online and would love to do it in a physical store near their home.

We are very pleased to offer our customers the relevances of this archive, in order to turn your business into a real money machine.

Do you want to know which coffee you should buy for your store? You want to have the opportunity to buy it at the best price?

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