Essential Equipments for Your Bar

Everything you need for your Bar

Are you opening or renovating a bar or cafe? This short guide can be useful for you, to make sure you have accounted for all the essential aspects for your business.
In a bar, in fact, there are not only coffee machines and mixtures! There are also a lot of accessories and tools, entertainment and cooking you can’t miss.

Equipments for Bar

Essential Accessories for Your Bar: everything you need

  • Coffee machines accessories: coffee tampers and grinders are useful not only for those who use powdered coffee, but also for those who use coffee grains. Coffee grinders are increasingly advanced: they are manual or electronic, and they are able to dose a precise
    amount of coffee blend…sometimes they are equipped with a wi-fii connection with compatible coffee machines too!
  • We provide coffee accessories, milk frother, cups and plates, traditional and edible tablespoons…for example, you can think about a good cappuccino, or a good coffee in a particular cup, the excellence of an edible chocolate tablespoon…meet your clients’ desires with all kinds
    of sweetening matter, the classical ones, dietetic or natural, to satisfy all the requests. Don’t let your costumers catch you with simple white sugar!
  • Optional ingredients: chocolate, milk, rice milk, soy milk, ice-cream, rice or soy ice-cream, every kind of yogurt…you should have them in your pantry! And if you want to respond to your costumers’ needs, in case of intolerance of allergies, you can propose them gluten-free or
    no-animal derivatives products. The word of mouth will be faster than light, and you will gain your consumers satisfaction!

Furniture and others household appliances

Your bar’s furniture is important for your business. You can create a modern or vintage ambient thanks to the particular decor or type counter choice, or you may choose to opt for an essential and practice furniture, with a dash of color too. If you have an outer space with a gazebo or a big tent, you can think about tables, benches and chairs made of materials resistant to the elements: with them you can create a pleasant and comfortable location.

Pay attention to the chairs and tables quality and dimensions too: they shall be comfortable and resistant, but also easy to clean. The most visible part in your bar is the counter: you have to pay attention to its height, dimensions (with a big but also no bulky work surface), the household appliances materials and practicality.

In addition to the coffee machines, refrigerators are important too. If the barman doesn’t have to turn his back to the clients and if he’s able to reach easily everything he needs, refrigerators are well located.

In them there should be the ice bin too, with a correct temperature. A microwave or built-in oven or an electrical grid will enable you to prepare and warm hot plates, pizzas and sanwiches; the stove are essential if you want to propose a raffinate menu.

The miwer, the extractor, the juicer, the boiler and the toaster are the right medium to enlarge your menu’s offer! Buy only good household appliances and good ingredients, with less waste!!

Other accessories

If you want to further involve your customers, don’t forget the newspapers and magazines daily supply, radio and tv with satellite or digital pay-per-view subscriptions!

If you have enough rooms in your bar, you can consider the idea of including a pool, a foosball table, video games and electronic or traditional lotteries.

Are you a bar owner or do you want to open a new one? We have the best equipments, the best coffee and similars at the best price.

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