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La San Marco, in the coffee sector since 1920, is one of the oldest companies. It always aims to the best quality of the products it provides. The excellence of its coffee machines is a 100% made in Italy pride. Its design and technology go hand in hand with a constant research and development, for impeccable espresso equipments.

The San Marco coffee machines models are: Serie New 105, Serie New 105 Multiboiler, Serie 100, Series Top 85, Series 85, Series 80, Series 85 Leva.

La San Marco Serie New 105 coffee machine

La San Marco serie 105 ELa San Marco Serie New 105 is available in the versions: Touch, E and H. It’s realized with the most innovative applications as the flow rate regulator for different temperatures, and the DTC system for a dual control of the temperature.
The temperature changes according to the coffee blend, while leaving unchanged the one of the boiler in order to obtain a continuous brewing of steam and hot water. The colors are all metallised, with polishes details.
The material used for the shell is an anti-figer stainless steel. It’s a top of the range machine able to guarantee you only high-level performance.

La San Marco Serie New 105 Multiboiler coffee machine

La San Marco Serie New 105 MultiboilerThe Serie New 105 Multiboiler model is available in the following versions: Standard, Intermediate and High. This coffee machine is equipped with the Multiboiler technology, with a boiler and a specific temperature for every group.
The keypad is useful to set the temperature. The heights on which you can put on the cups and mugs change on the basys of the model. The standard model is 7 cm, the intermediate is 9 cm and the high one is 17 cm high. It’s also equipped with a display that gives considerable information to the bartender, with multicolored LEDs for the illumination of the work surface.

La San Marco Serie 100 coffee machine

La San Marco Serie 100This model is available in different versions: Touch, E and S. The Serie 100 has a thermosiphonic circulation system with pre-infuser and flow variator, the latter adjusted outside of the machine is able to vary the temperature for
the provision of each individual group. Equipped with DTC system (dual temperature control) is an ideal machine for all those premises with large volumes of consumption. The display is very easy to use and provides useful information to users of the machine.

La San Marco Serie 85 coffee machine

La San Marco Serie 85The Series 85 is available in two versions: Top, E, S and Flexa E. These machines are a redesign of the famous 85 line, popular for the quality of the brewed coffee, for its robustness and reliability. It follows the style of the original version and it’s only the evolution of a coffee machine that made history. It’s available in 5 colors: red, black, blue, gray, beige or completely chrome. Some technical specifications: level control, external pump motor, internal pump motor, electric cups heated, plantgas (the last four are present only for two, three or four groups models).

La San Marco Serie New 80 coffee machine

La San Marco Serie New 80La Serie 80 is available in the following versions: L cromata, Preziosa Cromata, Preziosa Ottone, Leva. Every version is equipped with a wand for the hot water and two steam wands; there are also an automatic level and an external pump. In the standard version there is a flow variator and the version with DTC system that has an additional heat exchanger in the brewing unit. Every model is a true combination of technology and beauty that combines innovative design with a style of yesteryear.

La San Marco Serie 85 Leva coffee machine

La San Marco Serie 85 LevaLa San Marco Series 85 Leva is a traditional coffee machine. It starts and stops the flow of coffee in a manually way, simply lowering the lever of each group and then releasing it with caution; to increase the amount of coffee just repeat
the operation. The group is completely mechanical, very sturdy and reliable, simple to use and revise. It’s equipped with a series of valves for steam, hot water and warm cups. The automatic loading of the water in the boiler can be integrated as optional.

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