Rancilio Professional Coffee Machine

Rancilio is a company founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio (the double-R logo derives from his name), can boast the realization of the first lever coffee machine, the Fortuna model. The company deals with production of coffee machines and all other types of tools related to coffee. The Rancilio promotes and spread the culture of the real Italian espresso around the world, not only through the export of their technologies, but also through the know-how, ideas, quality and emotions.

The coffee machine line that Rancilio provides is the following: Epoca, Classe 7, Classe 9, Classe 10, Classe 11; let’s see them in detail.

Professional Coffee Machine Rancilio Classe 11

Rancilio Model Classe 11The Classe 11 is a coffee machine designed with one purpose, very ambitious: Rancilio wants to start a new phase in the history of high-quality espresso. To reach this ambitious goal this coffee machine is equipped with a fast and very easy to use technology, a pillar within the entire coffee industry. The machine is available in different versions, with 2 3 or 4 groups, with electronic and automatic dosage control.

Professional Coffee Machine Rancilio Classe 10

Rancilio Model Classe 10The Rancilio Classe 10 expresses the ultimate in design and technology quality of its raw materials. A mix of design, advanced electronic systems and a top-quality technology. Even the most innovative version is equipped with USB technology, while the proprietary software that runs on the machine allows the operator to manage it in the best way. It’s also available in the semi-automatic version, and it’s coffee machine that will be the best ally for every bartender.

Rancilio Classe 9 Professional Coffee Machine

Rancilio Model Classe 9The Classe 9 model is the perfect combination of modern and elegant design and excellent technology. With exclusive Rancilio LAB technology, in the most advanced version it mounts the USB technology that allows a fast management of machine settings. 

It ‘also available in the semi-automatic version, for those who want an even easier user mode. Finally, the range is completed with the TALL version for those who use tall glasses.

Professional Coffee Machine  Rancilio Classe 7

 Rancilio Model Classe 7Classe 7 was created to combine innovative features with a contemporary aesthetic. It’s available in the electronic version and in the semi-automatic one. Also the compact versions are available (COMPACT), the TALL version for those who use more tall glasses, and finally the lever-action model for all the traditionalists of the real espresso.

Rancilio Epoca Professional Coffee Machine

Macchina Caffè Rancilio Modello EpocaThe Rancilio Epoca was developed with dinamic lines and without formalities.

It’s available in the electronics, semi-automatic and S-Tank versions with independent water tank.

The combined effect of its colors give it a shiny appearance, perfectly up to date.

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