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The Sanremo company produces professional coffee machines, in combination with the centuries-old tradition of coffee brewing. Over a hundred years ago the love of this company for the raw materials in combination with technology, physics, chemistry and electronics brought the coffee pioneers to create the first professional coffee machine: discoveries, inventions, patent, it’s an epic research that reaches us today, rich in knowledge and taste.

Sanremo wants to keep writing this fascinating history, thanks to its pragmatism and dynamic management, with the best technicians, operators and bartenders from around the world. A coffee lovers professional team that wants to create the best to all those who breathe the essence of coffee every day.

Sanremo proposes different types of coffee machines, with the names of an italian city: Opera, Verona RS, Verde, Roma, Torino, Verona, Capri, Amalfi, Milano, Venezia, Portofino; let’s see them in detail

Sanremo Opera espresso coffee machine

Coffee machine Sanremo OperaSanremo Opera is one of the latest model of this brand, and it’s one of the most endearing coffee machines available on the market: its ultra-modern design has a round display for each group. It’s one of the most beautiful coffee machines available on the market, and beyond the aesthetic beauty we are still talking about a coffee machine with a technology of the highest level, able to produce a high quality espresso in a simple and fast way.

Sanremo Verona RS coffee machine

Sanremo Verona RS coffee machineThe Verona RS is a retelling of the old Verona model, we are faced with a cutting-edge coffee machine, equipped with the innovative “realtime Stability” system ables to maintain a constant temperature and to save a lot of energy.
There is a total control of pressure and time in the pre-infusion. The desing is gorgeous, it’s a coffee machine able to attract all the customers.

Sanremo Verde coffee machineSanremo Verde

This version is an ecologic project and it’s made of 100% recycled materials and the result is really very nice for both colors and design. The materials used are mostly coffee grounds, recovered from every part of the world and others 100% natural components.
The environment is a very important thematic for this company, as the coffee at which they want to give a new life.

Torino coffee machine

Sanremo TorinoThe Sanremo Torino coffee machine is inspired by the most fascinating italian vehicles, between history and art, and it’s a style icon for those who can appreciate timeless details.

Sanremo Roma coffee machine

Sanremo RomaThis coffee machine design is squared, with strong and vigorous lines but with the best Sanremo technology. All the coffee machine functionalities allow it to guarantuee the best performances.

Sanremo Capri coffee machine

Sanremo CapriThis coffee machine, with its modern design, it’s able to combine the need for more confined spaces without neglecting the easy maintenance need. It’s available in three versions: electronic, semi-automatic or De Luxe, the latter with a boiler tank of 10 liters.

Sanremo Amalfi coffee machine

Sanremo AmalfiThe Amalfi coffee machine is an advanced series of Capri model, one of the most successful models of Sanremo brand. Equipped with a very particular recliner support that allows two uses, it’s able to accommodate both the classic cappuccino cups, the coffee cups that the classic “mug”. This special angle makes it very versatile to satisfy different customer needs quickly. It ‘also available with 12-liter boiler in De luxe version.

The Sanremo company produces the ZOE, the Milano, The Venezia and the Portofino model too.

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