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Wega is a company dedicated to the production of coffee machines and many other related products since 1985; its headquarters is in Via Condotti Bardini 1 in Susegana, in the province of Treviso.

At the moment the Wega catalog, as regards the sector of professional espresso coffee machines, proposes the following models: Greenline Wegaconcept, Vela, Vela Vintage, Sphera, Polaris, Atlas, Orion Gold and MiniNova. Every kind of machine is offered in different variants: the fully electronic machines, the semi-automatic, the manuals ones with lever. Let’s see them in detail.

Wega coffee machine: Greenline Wegaconcept

wega concept coffee machine

This coffee machine is available only in the electronic version. In the Wegaconcept converge years of experience in the production of coffee machines, with a particular orientation towards environmental sustainability: the Wegaconcept is able to have a 47.6% of energy savings in rest conditions and a 30% savings in operational phase.
The innovative design and its soft minimal lines are certainly not to be underestimated.

Wega coffee machine: Vela

Coffee machine Vega Wega

The Wega Vela model is available in electronic or semi-automatic version. This is the best solution for those who want an easily adaptable spaces coffee machine without losing in functionality. The design is very aggressive but
harmonious, with a bright display customizable where you can scroll through the messages we want to preset. Surely it’s one of the more adaptable coffee machines among the Wega references.

Wega coffee machine: Vela Vintage

Wega coffee machine: Vela Vintage

The vintage style is the prominent feature of Wega Vela Vintage, with its very retro design is a coffee machine that recreates an atmosphere of other times, with its forms and brewing groups left uncovered. The substance is always the result of the Wega experience, very practical to use and able to brew a good coffee in a few seconds. It’s available in two versions, with a simple lever or a more little one.

Wega coffee machine: Sphera

Wega coffee machine: SpheraThe Sphera model is available in electronic or semi-automatic version. With its elegant and classic lines is a top-quality coffee machine, productive and safe. It’s one of the jewels of this company, which in 2012 decided to
make changes to the design and further improving its functions.In fact several improvements have been incorporated in this coffee machine, such as steam wands with lever taps and the electronic version with a multifunction display.
Finally, this machine can count on two very interesting accessories: an instrument for the worktop lighting and the Autosteamer, namely a steam wand able to heat and froth milk at the same time.

Wega coffee machine: Polaris

Wega PolarisThe Wega Polaris is a model with a very strong character, both inside and out, it’s very reliable and able to make the counter of a bar aesthetically formidable regardless of location. The handsets are all fully
backlit and the design has been completely revised; the body has become aerodynamic and it offers the possibility to play with the LEDs on panel, thing that makes the Polaris a unique coffee machine. It’s available in the electronic or semi-automatic versions,
or in compact versions with two groups.

Wega coffee machine: Atlas

Wega AtlasThe Atlas is a very minimal and delicate model, but despite its simplicity inside it has a highly professional engine that can meet any need. Its design is very clean and simple and it’s perfect for any working environment, it’s easy to use but also to clean.
A prominent feature of this coffee machine is the vertical keyboard arranged above every single group. Among the various optional the LEDs are included, and they give light and color to the working surface. It’s available in the electronic and semi-automatic versions, or in compact versions with two groups.

Wega coffee machine: Orion Gold

Wega Orion Gold

The Orion Gold is a very solid and easy to use coffee machine. It’s available in three versions: electronic, semi-automatic and with a manual lever, it’s able to brew a high quality coffee in a quick and simple way. Even though it’s an entry-level category it has nothing to envy to other more powerful machines: it has all the qualities of a “high level coffee machine”. It’s a suitable choice for those who want a high-level coffee machine without having to spend a fortune.

Wega coffee machine: MiniNova

Wega MiniNovaThe Mininova is a professional coffee machine perfect for your home or office.

Designed for those who want a top quality espresso, it’s light and compact and offers the possibility to have a standard or raised brewing group.

It’s available in the electronic, semi-automatic and manual versions.

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